Our Mission


“To provide accessible, proactive, culturally competent mental health support to our first responders and their families, empowering them to thrive in their vital roles.”


A successful wellness program depends on trust. At 1st Watch Wellness, we prioritize privacy and confidentiality for all first responders seeking mental health services. We ensure that individuals can access the care they need without compromising their privacy or facing professional consequences. Our commitment to confidentiality is at the core of our approach. All billing is anonymous (alpha-numeric), and we maintain a strict firewall between departments and employees to guarantee that all clinical sessions are safe, confidential, and secure.



We create hope through connection and clinical competence, to cultivate resiliency and a sense of purpose. We consistently show up with authenticity to foster an environment of safety.

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We respect the individual’s privacy. Confidentiality is at the cornerstone of our services. We are committed to ensuring that every individual’s information remains private and protected.

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We continuously seek new and effective ways to deliver mental health services, leveraging technology to improve access and outcomes.

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We uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in all aspects of our work, ensuring trust and reliability in our services.