Provo Fire and Rescue badge“Provo Fire & Rescue has partnered with 1st Watch for nearly three years, providing mental health services and wellness education and intervention to our firefighters and their families. The focus on mental wellness has been one of the most important initiatives of my fire service career. The relationship with 1st Watch has been one of trust and compassionate service from our first discussion. The utilization of this program by our personnel and their families has been nothing short of startling. Careers and families are being rescued, and organizational trust is growing each day.”

James Miguel | Fire Chief (Retired)
Provo City | Fire & Rescue

Josephine County Sheriff's Office“As an administrator in law enforcement, I feel the need to provide my teammates with the best resources available. A recognized failure was the fact that our agency lacked the proper mental health and wellness resources. That changed when we met Barry at 1st Watch. I can proudly say that thanks to 1st Watch, my agency and staff have access to cutting-edge resources whenever they should need it. 1st Watch has exceeded all of my expectations and is a true partner with our agency. Every first responder agency needs to team up with 1st Watch.”

Travis Snyder | Undersheriff
Josephine County | Sheriff’s Office

“As leader of my organization, I have two main priorities, Mission and People. If my team is going to be ready to accomplish our mission they must have the right tools at the right time. Part of our tool list is 1st Watch Wellness, this program is the first line of defense for the mental health and well-being of my staff who are charged with changing lives. 1st Watch Wellness helps me take care of those who take care of our mission.”

Aaron Hartman | Director
Klamath County | Community Corrections

Provo Police Department badge“1st Watch has been amazing to work with, and an invaluable resource to our police department. From wellness checks to more involved resources, I am grateful that officers are embracing a wellness culture.”

Troy Beebe | Chief of Police
Provo City | Police Department

Grants Pass Police Department badges“As I reflect on 2023, and the seemingly never-ending cycle of critical incidents in Grants Pass, I wanted to personally express my appreciation to you and the 1stWatch team. A recent officer-involved shooting reinforced this valued partnership when you and Devon simply dropped everything to set up onsite support here at the PD. Your commitment to our officers and professional staff alike did not go unnoticed and I am sincerely thankful. Although we still have plenty of healing to do, it’s a little easier knowing we have people like you and Devon in our corner!”

Warren Hensman | Chief of Police
City of Grants Pass | Police Department

Klamath County Fire District 1“Our Department members respond to community needs on a daily basis and often encounter tragic circumstances while engaging in events that leave lasting impressions. As the Fire Chief for Klamath County Fire District 1, I truly understand and appreciate the importance of providing our responders with resources that may assist them in navigating the challenges of being a first responder. 1st Watch has proven to be a valuable resource with experienced professionals who’ve provided expertise, compassion, and wisdom as they’ve provided care and insight to our department members.”

Greg Davis | Fire Chief
Klamath County | Fire District 1

Medford Police Department badge“In almost 30 years of law enforcement, I have learned that the impact of a critical incident on an individual is unique to each person involved. What impacts one officer could be very different than what impacts another. It is our desire to see our public servants end their careers as healthy and as happy as they were when they entered law enforcement. 1st Watch is a great partner in assisting our department employees in staying emotionally and mentally healthy. From wellness checks to individual therapy, 1st Watch is responsive, engaged, easy to access, and readily available.”

D.J. Graham | Deputy Chief of Operations
City of Medford | Police Department