Wellness Services

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Wellness Checkups

Our culturally competent clinicians help departments conduct annual Wellness Checkups for their employees. A Wellness Checkup is not therapy; instead, it’s a confidential conversation between a 1st Watch clinician and an employee to assess the employee’s overall mental well-being. These check-ups help identify any mental health concerns and serve as a proactive tool, ensuring that your employees have access to the resources they need. By partnering with 1st Watch Wellness you can ensure that your department is taking steps to support the mental health of your employees.

Mental Health Support for First Responders and Their Families

We believe in supporting the mental health of first responders and their families. That’s why we provide access to our qualified clinicians not only for employees but also for their spouses, significant others, and dependents.

We understand the significant impact that first responders’ roles have, not just on themselves but also on their loved ones. By offering our services to everyone involved, we aim to facilitate healing and support for the entire family unit.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone affected by the demands of these vital roles has access to the resources they need for their well-being.

We offer confidential, trauma-informed individual therapy sessions for:

  • Employees
  • Spouses / Significant Others
  • Dependents (12 and Older)
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Wellness & Resilience Training

Our highly skilled training team provides onsite wellness and resilience education that helps first responders identify job-related stressors. Our goal is to equip first responders with the knowledge and tools necessary to deal with those daily stressors in a healthy, productive way so that they can better manage the challenges inherent to the job and better serve their communities.

Post-Critical Incident Support

Following a critical incident, our experienced clinical team provides prompt, on-the-ground support. We provide vital, stabilizing care to affected individuals and guide them through the repair and recovery process.

In the aftermath of a shooting or other critical incident, count on 1st Watch Wellness to provide your employees with the help and support they need.

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